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заява послів Великої сімки06/12/2017

Ми знаємо, що пана Саакашвілі затримали, і протестипродовжуються. Ми уважно слідкуємо за розвитком ситуації. Закликаємо всіхповністю поважати і підтримувати конституційний лад та правову систему...

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We are aware that Mr.Saakashvili was detained and that protests are ongoing. We arefollowing developments closely. We call on all to fully respect and support theconstitutional and legal order of Ukraine, adhere to the rights and responsibilities of peaceful protest,and refrain from attempts at destabilization. We also expect that anyinvestigation will be conducted...

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Statement of the G7 Ambassadors on the Supreme Court Selection Process23/11/2017

Statementof the G7 Ambassadors on the Supreme Court Selection Process TheG7 Ambassadors note that the Supreme Court selection process was significantlymore transparent and competitive than in years past, which is a sign of forwardmomentum for Ukraine’s judicial reform. This reform is crucial to advancingUkraine’s reform agenda and fulfilling the...

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